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Lawrence K. Glick

Practice Areas

Elder Law

Mr. Glick has focused his practice on elders for many years, and is continuing to do so on an increasing basis, given the steady increase in the population of elders. He assists his clients in planning for disability or incapacity, utilizing vehicles such as Durable Powers of Attorney and Health Care Proxies, and in protecting their assets and putting their financial and property affairs in order through documents such as Wills and Trusts. In addition, he has extensive experience in the areas of guardianship and conservatorship practice, and has tried numerous cases in those areas in the Probate & Family Courts. Read more ...

Probate Litigation

It is quite common for there to be disputes between family members over issues related to inheritance of money and other property, particularly upon the death of a close family member. These disputes sometimes happen even in situations where the parties have done a careful job of planning. Mr. Glick has significant experience in the litigation in Probate & Family Court of matters involving estates, wills, trusts, accounts and other probate issues. He has had more than 30 years of litigation experience including numerous trials in the Trial Courts of the Commonwealth, including Probate & Family Court, Superior Court and District Court, and before both judges and juries. He also has substantial experience in the litigation of other types of civil matters, including business and consumer disputes, and real estate matters.

Real Estate

Mr. Glick has represented hundreds of buyers and sellers in residential real estate transactions. His goal in these matters is to fully protect the interest of his clients, and to do so in the most economically prudent way possible. He understands that the purchase or sale of a home is a very important decision for a person or family, and makes certain that his services are tailored to the specific needs of his clients and the particular nature of the transactions themselves.

In addition, Mr. Glick has been involved in numerous complex commercial real estate transactions, including the representation for approximately 10 years of the City of Boston in its financing of residential and mixed commercial/residential developments, containing affordable housing units. He is experienced with regard to the due diligence required on both sides of these transactions.

Land Use

Mr. Glick has significant experience in the area of land use, particularly with regard to zoning matters. He served for seven years on the town of Waylands Zoning Board of Appeals, including two years as its Chairman.

Business Matters

Mr. Glick has represented numerous clients over the years with regard to business and consumer matters. He has represented small businesses, and has acted for over 20 years as the general counsel of a highly successful environmental engineering company. He is highly skilled at drafting business and other types of legal documents, such as contracts, memoranda of understanding and leases.